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Year Of Zayed

Vision, Mission and Values

Leadership and discrimination in the provision of management and technical training and consulting services to be in the forefront at the local level and Alokulaimay

Our Mission
Human resources training Haaadad , qualifying and competition in the administrative and technical disciplines and upgradation different based on the needs of the labor market through the design , implementation and evaluation
Training programs according to the highest quality standards in partnership with employers and institutions of civil society
Implementation of the best training experiences in collaboration with top universities and international educational institutions

Meet the needs of the local labor market from the qualified human resources

Our overall strategic
Latest offering training programs and seminars specialized in all fields , which would raise the level of performance Alozivyllqtain government and private

Our competitive strategy
Adopt a strategic center of excellence to achieve his goals , which means organizing and linking relationships between the various activities of the institutions
On the principles and concepts feature competitiveness and Tugiyeha of the value - added to achieve in training and Alkhaddmatllmstviden programs can not competitors the same as

Belonging to the institution
I work as a team
Performance excellence and mastery of work
Continuous training
Substantive training
Leaders of the facts
Morna and respond to changes

United Arab Emirates - Ain
Phone : +971 37555011
Tele : +971 505139888
Fax : +971 37555022
Email :
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