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Ibn Battuta training
coupled with his name on behalf of travelers famous Ibn Battuta where he has a big role in his scientific famous has written the world about this Muslim man and saw him a lot of achievements , and it was the most beautiful modern business film the journey to Mecca, which was launched from Abu Dhabi in the presence of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed and estimated to cost $ 13 million

Was established Ibn Battuta training in
the UAE city of Al Ain in 2006 to establish the foundations of a science and knowledge , develop and create generations promising creative and talented Although this center meets the needs of both striving to develop itself and capabilities so that it can keep pace with the march of progress and change taking place in communities constantly

Depends center in the process of development
espoused by the use of the best technology in the field of training, consultancy and the latest modern training techniques global , more efficient Mentkie cadres training of lecturers and trainers with experience ancient way that contributes to the building and development of human resources.

The Ibn Battuta implementation of a lot of training , training programs and development projects for many public and private institutions from different sectors responsive it needs Tdrebbah the variety

Ibn Battuta derives his vision of training
the wisdom vision of His Highness the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, who always believes " that the construction of men harder than building factories and developed countries, measured by the number of children educated and that wealth is not money, but wealth is the wealth of men

You have our commitment in the Ibn Battuta training to
achieve this ambitious vision , has been appointed a number of national competencies relevant experience to work on the conversion plans and objectives to work distinct, and the application of the concepts of quality in the development and implementation of its programs and its various services , with emphasis on developing partnerships with global institutions to ensure the quality of training services

We are determined to provide all Maldina to
serve our country and our society and contribute to providing the best services which elevate the individual in the field of training and human development


United Arab Emirates - Ain
Phone : +971 37555011
Tele : +971 505139888
Fax : +971 37555022
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