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IOSH Managing Safely 123

About the course 
IOSH Managing Safely course is a UK standard training designed to provide participants with a broad overview on health, safety & environmental topics. 
This programme which is a full of step-by-step guidance, has a sharp business focus. The hands on, jargon-free format engages and inspires, and has helped a huge range of businesses to raise standards of safety and health. 
On completion of this course, participants will gain sufficient knowledge and skills to deal with health and safety issues. This 3 day program is accredited by the Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH). 

Who should register for this course:
Supervisors, managers and team leaders in any sector and any organisation who are required to effectively and efficiently be responsible for safety management of risks and resources.


Course Content 

IOSH Managing Safely covers basic health and safety issues which include a short topic tackling environmental issues. 
The course covers 8 modules: 
1. Introducing Managing Safely

2. Assessing risks

3. Controlling risks

4. Understanding your responsibilities

5. Identifying hazards

6. Investigating accidents and incidents

7. Measuring performance

8. Protecting our environment

 Course Duration and Assessment 

The course duration is 3 days which includes a written multiple choice examination and a project based written assignment. 
Successful candidates will be awarded an IOSH certificate in Managing Safely.


Fees  :  1500 AED


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