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IELTS Preparation Courses (Academic and General) 123

Course Description

 IELTS Preparation Courses (Academic and General)

The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is a globally recognized English language assessment test. This is one of the primary requirements for those who are seeking international education, professional recognition and immigration.

Course Main Features

  1. This course prepares candidates for the Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking Tests.
  2. It mainly guides the learners to focus on the skills and techniques to be able to answer correctly in the test.
  3. With these techniques, candidates are familiarized with the test format.
  4. It is an intensive test-oriented approach where candidates are immersed with multiple exercises of the four modules.
  5.  Lectures: 24
  6.  Quizzes:  1
  7.  Skill level: All levels
  8.  Language: English
  9.  Students: 3-7
  10.  Assessments: Yes

Overview of structure of each test


  • Techniques in prediction, paraphrasing and different accents
  • Analyzing and understanding the types of tasks and questions
  • Identify key words, paraphrases, and distractors
  • Simultaneous listening and writing
  • Understanding meaning
  • Listening for information and taking notes


  • Approaching and locating written and visual information
  • Skimming and scanning strategies
  • Techniques in reading questions and recognizing paragraph structures
  • Identify synonyms and irrelevant information
  • Understanding the writer’s views and arguments


  • Understanding visual information
  • Interpreting of data and statistics
  • Developing and presenting arguments
  • Organizing and expressing facts, opinions, arguments and supporting information
  • Structure and organization of essay
  • Describing trends and processes
  • Vocabulary building


  • ·Giving personal and general information
  • ·Organizing notes on a random speaking topic
  • ·Taking part in discussion and expressing opinions
  • ·Comparing and contrasting information
  • ·Communicating your ideas clearly
  • ·Explaining common errors, pitfalls and intonation
  • ·Understanding common speaking errors and pronunciation
  • ·Techniques to build confidence in speaking
  • ·Time management skills in examination
  • ·Visualization



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